Should you buy a 4k gaming monitor?

4K gaming isn’t something new although it does seem to be a hot topic with the prevalence of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. For PC gaming though 4K has been a reality for a few years now. Granted you need a top of the line and super powerful computer before you can even dream about a buttery smooth frame rate at 4K resolution. What does it take today though? Usually a decent CPU, something like a Ryzen 1700 or a Intel i7 8700K paired with either a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080Ti if you have the spare cash. In most games you will be able to achieve 60FPS while at medium to high settings – VERY NICE!

Assuming you have upgarded your gaming rig to those sorts of specs then 4K resolution might be well worth it, but you will need a 4K monitor. Gaming monitors come in lots of shapes and sizes with various special gaming features like low response time, high refresh rates, Gsync meaning the best 4k gaming monitors might be very expensive but are well worth it – check this buying guide for the best gaming monitor in 2017 for more information on the best options available for 4K as well as 1080p and 1440p.

Tip: The sweet spot which mixes performance, value for money and high resolution is 1440p. 

When looking for a 4k gaming monitor you should be looking for at least a 27-inch monitor with an IPS panel and low response time. You should also be looking for a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate. Gaming monitors need to follow a specific guide in order to provide a good enough experience and these stats should keep you right when choosing your next screen. Imagine playing your favourite game in glorious 4K when all of a sudden you notice slight input lag, ghosting or even worse the colours don’t exactly match what you’d expect! All of those an happen if you choose a monitor that doesn’t suit your requirements. In short, a monitor isn’t just something you get based on price and size when it’s going to be used for gaming. You really need to do your research.

Can I use a 4K monitor with a gaming laptop?

Firstly, I would be surprised if you have a gaming laptop powerful enough to push 4K resolution if you need to ask this question. That being said, maybe you’re in the process of upgrading and need to know what you need in your gaming laptop. The guys over at eSportSource have said that 4K gaming on a laptop although possible is impractical right now due to the additional costs as well as the amount of power your laptop would require. Not to mention the size, weight and battery issues that would come with gaming on 4K with a laptop. Why not have a look at what eSport Source claim to be the best gaming laptops.

If you are adamant you want to game on a laptop then I suggest you look at the Asus G701 Gaming Laptop.


Sniper Elite 4

The sniper elite franchise has been a massive success and now we are awaiting the newest episode in the series – Sniper Elite 4.

Gamers that enjoy camping with a sniper on a multiplayer map will love sniper elite, this is exactly the purpose of the game. The game itself isn’t out until tomorrow but make sure you watch the Sniper Elite 4 gameplay videos below!